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St Joseph’s Young Priests Society

St Joseph’s Young Priests Society is a society of lay people whose purpose is to promote vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life; and to assist financially in the education of clerical students; mainly for the Irish dioceses; but in recent years also for overseas students.

The Society was established in Ireland in 1895 by
Mrs Olivia Taaffe and there are branches all over Ireland. Our Ballymena branch was established in September 1994.

The committee members meet in the Parish Centre at 8pm on the Thursday preceding the first Friday of the month, between September and the following June. They pray and organise the activities of the Society in our parish. The activities and news of the Society throughout Ireland are published in the news-sheet ‘The Sheaf’ which is issued quarterly and distributed to members and associate members.

You can partake in the work of the Society by becoming an associate member; by your contribution of £6 per year to assist financially in the education of clerical students; and by daily prayer for vocations; in order that the faith and the love of the Mass can be handed down to children of today and future generations when Priests will be needed.

Anyone interested would be welcome to join us at our monthly meeting, and members can be contacted through the Parish Office.

President: Mr Paddy McGroggan

Telephone: 028 2565 0527

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